Is iPhone 5 Really The World’s Fastest Smartphone?

iPhone 5 is not only the noisiest smartphone in the land today, what with the screaming press releases and publicities made from other sources even before it came out, but also the fastest according to PC Mag. The latest review had nothing but praises for Samsung Galaxy Specs browsing speed and processor speed as well as for its graphics and Javascript’s qualities.

Outwitting each other has become the iPhone series’ habit. In all the speed tests conducted, iPhone 5 won, against older iPhone models that run on iOS 3.1.3 and other android mobile phones making it the world’s faster smartphone ever built and tech geeks could not agree more. Running on the specially designed A6 processor, Apple’s very own, iPhone 5 boasts of fast browsing response, which was previously claimed as twice as fast as iPhone 4s, based on the Browsemark and Sunspider Javascript Benchmark.

Because of the fascinating updates, fans of iPhone cannot only enjoy the bigger screen and sleeker design but also the 5’s powerful performance. It certainly looks like Apple is giving its top Smartphone contenders Samsung Galaxy S Specs and Motorola Razr M catching up.

And what would you give to have the world’s fastest smartphone. The price, although painful in the pocket is just right. The money that supporters have to shell is something they don’t feel cheated about because of the value they would get out of it. The claims are not even mere exaggeration to generate sales, in case Apple still needs to market it.


HTC – What You Need to Know

Among the many Fastest Smartphone’s available in the market today, HTC seems to be taking the competition seriously. Sometimes, you would wonder if the company is competing with iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. But lo and behold, HTC has a lot of good stuff in store. In the past couple of years, t has released several android phones that can go head on with iPhone. Does Windows phone ring a bell? This is just one of HTC’s best market offering.

HTC One X, One VX, and Windows Phone 8S and 8X are among its best-sellers. HTC One in particular is proud of its up to 89 GB storage and high-end performance. It was released in April this year and made an impression since. Critics say that HTC One is in tough competition with both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy although the brand still has a lot more to prove.

The 8 megapixel camera, super AOLED display, and Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) seem standard but the fact that it is running on dual-core process is what makes it attractive. If there is one thing that would turn off the consumers, it would be the price. It is a but expensive but some tech-heads find the price range just.

Some consumers though pay attention to the brand and against iPhone 5 Case and Samsung; HTC does not have much to say. A brand is a brand. For HTC to let the people know about its hidden excellence, the company has to level up its marketing strategies.

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