Samsung Galaxy Ace Review

There is a wide range of Smartphone’s or Android Phones available in the market, all of them vying for the consumers’ attention but only a few are able to make a mark, one of which is the Samsung Galaxy Ace. It is relatively new, released only in February of 2011. The first Galaxy Ace models did not quite satisfy the tech head’s craving but Samsung rebounded with a more efficient device of the same bloodline.


Samsung Galaxy Ace is powered by an 800 Mhz single core processor and is perfect for a minimalist smartphone user. It is way affordable compared to other high-end android phones lining up the market but still boasts of top quality performance that you may first doubt due to its lightweight plastic made chassis.

Sophisticated and alluring in the eyes of standard smartphone users, the phone stands out despite the 3.5 HVGA screen. For a smartphone with 5 mp camera though, your appreciation of your photos may be incomplete. However, its 2592×1944 pixels resolution promises rewarding outputs.

The device has 152 built-in storage plus a microSD slot to allow memory expansion of up to 32 GB. This is beneficial for users who want to fill their phones with from the Android Market and Samsung Apps Store. Samsung is well-known for producing durable handsets. Samsung Galaxy Ace Review is not an exception. Since Samsung has switched from the old and vulnerable metal to plastic, users can be less worried about damages resulting from a 5-10 feet drop. This is where Galaxy wins the crowd over iPhone, which often fall short in terms of sturdiness.

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